“amipro®” NON GMO Bypass Soya Protein

Borregaard is a global leader in bypass protein technology, supplying its licensed partners with know-how and intellectual property rights for over 30 years. Vippy Industries Limited is the license producer and distributor of Borregaard bypass protein amipro® in India.

High Class Bypass for Ruminants

amipro® is a source of rumen bypass protein, produced from high protein soybean meal, which can be used as a feed supplement for ruminants.

amipro® provides a high level of rumen undegradable, yet highly digestible protein that is perfect to support today’s higher milk and beef production.

Soybean meal is a high value vegetable protein source for all livestock. During digestion, however, a significant proportion of this vegetable protein is degraded in the rumen, far too early in the digestive system for the high yielding dairy cow and growing animals to exploit fully. Bypass protein products overcome this problem by protecting the protein while in the rumen, but allowing it to be fully digested within the small intestine. Consequently, better utilization of the essential amino acids occurs, resulting in improved milk production and growth.
amipro® is a Rumen Bypass Protein Feed

  • High protein value of 76% UDP (% of cp at 6% outflow)
  • High degree of digestibility of 93%
  • EU trials show improved milk yield compared to regular soybean meal
  • amipro® supplements the protein requirements of animals with good breeding genetics.

These properties aid the nutritionist in formulating rations that improve milk production, growth rate and/or reduce cost.

amipro® Nutritional Values

American Values

Digestible rumen undegradable protein, g/kg DM375
Digestible rumen undegradable protein, % of CP70.7
Digestibility of rumen undegradable protein, %93
Acid detergent fibre insoluble protein (ADFIP), % of CP3.16
Neutral detergent fibre insoluble protein (NDFIP), % of CP53.3
NEI, Mcal/kg2.215
NEm, Mcal/kg2.113
NEg, Mcal/kg1.478

British Values

DUP, g/kg DM340
ERDP, g/kg DM130
ADIN, g/kg DM1.2

French Values

PDIN, g/kg DM378
PDIE, g/kg DM353
PDIA, g/kg D310
Theoretical Degradability, % CP32.8
UFL, DM1.11

Feeding Rates

Milking CowsUp to 2 (typically 1)kg
Dry CowsUp to 0.75 kg
Replacement HeifersUp to 1 kg and up to 25% of the DMI
Calves (to 12 weeks)Up to 1 kg and up to 25% of the DMI
Growing CattleUp to 1 kg and up to 20% of the DMI
Finishing CattleUp to 2 kg and up to 20% of the DMI
Suckler CowsUp to 2 (typically 0.5)kg
Ewes and RamsUp to 0.5 (typically 0.25)kg
Hoggets and LambsUp to 0.5kg and up to 20% of the DMI

DMI = dry matter intake

Amipro ™, Typical Analytical Values – g/kg Dry matter

Dry matter880
Crude protein490
Crude Fibre62

amipro® Protein Degradation is 50% of Soybean Meal Protein After 12 Hours (Typical Rumen Retention Time).


amipro® has High Digestible Rumen Bypass When Compared to Conventional Feeds (Figures are g/kg DM).


Legal Disclaimer

Suggested feeding rates are produced as a guide only and many other factors may have an overriding effect on performance. Rations should be carefully balanced for energy and protein, contain sufficient forage to maintain rumen function and be fortified with an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement. Animals must have constant access to clean water.