Soya Hulls

Soya Hulls

Soya Hulls, Vippy Industries

Soya Hulls are outer covering of the soybean, obtained by the dehulling of the beans.

Soya Hulls is a palatable feedstuff for cows and calves. It contains a high level of digestible fiber and provides an excellent, highly available and economical source of fiber, energy, minerals and protein for livestock diets.

It is very palatable and its low lignin content makes it highly digestible to livestock. Their fiber is highly digestible, allowing growing and maturing Cows & calves to utilize them as an energy source. Soya hulls provide value to beef and dairy cattle because they are readily fermented in the rumen, supplying both energy and protein to the animal.

In addition, the highly digestible and palatable ingredients can be used as a fiber or energy source in swine diets.

Soya Hulls Processing and Manufacturing

Soya Hulls Processing and manufacturing
Soybean hulls (Credits: Gilles Tran, Valérie Heuzé, AFZ)

Soya Hulls Applications

Cows eating Soya Hulls

Soya hulls are always been popular but now days they are being widely used worldwide for feeding dairy cattle as they are good source of digestible fiber (approx 35%) with average protein (approx 10-12%) and reasonable energy levels.