NON GMO Soya TVP Mince

Textured or texturized vegetable protein (TVP), also known as textured soy protein (TSP), soy meat, or soya meat is a defatted soy flour product. It is often used as a meat analogue or meat extender. It is quick to cook, with a protein content equal to that of meat.

NON GMO Soya TVP is made from high quality, Defatted Soya Flour obtained from the process of Seed cleaning, Dehulling, Oil extraction and pulverizing through a thermoplastic extrusion process under high temperature short time cooking to inactivate the anti nutritional factors present in the flour.

It is a high protein product also rich in dietary fibre & minerals and contains no cholesterol, lactose or casein. It is free from microbiological contamination.

It is a 100% vegetarian product but has similar texture to cooked meat. The protein content is similar to meat at a much lower cost. TVP can be seamlessly substituted for meat in your favourite recipe. The major benefit that TVP has over meat is that it has no saturated fat.

Depending on the requirement of buyers we offer TVP Mince in three different sizes (2-4 mm / 3-5 mm & 5-7 mm).


  • TVP can also be used as a low cost/high nutrition extender in comminuted meat and poultry products, and in tuna salads.
  • Used in Soups, Hamburger, Ground meat, stuffing, sausages, vegetarian products, Bolognese sauces, pizza dressing, nuggets and meatloaf etc.
  • Reconstitute unflavored textured vegetable protein by adding it directly to soups with high water content.


NON GMO Soya Nuggets / Chunks

NON GMO Soya Nuggets/ Chunks is obtained by extrusion of ‘NON GMO’ Defatted Soya flour. It is a natural product which does not contain additives preservatives.

Chunks are round puffed balls manufactured by short time high temperature cooking of fine granulation, un-toasted, defatted soya flour in the extruder.

These are known as vegetarian meat and processed using soya flour. Further, these are enriched with proteins and used as a substitute of meat as they contain minimal cholesterol.

These assist us in improving the water-binding, having proper nutritional structure and absorbing fat.

Soya Chunks is a special product that is prepared using defatted soyabean flour which is rich in proteins and natural minerals. It gives us a balanced and nutritious diet. Soya chunks is a rich source of phosphorus, calcium and iron which are good for lactating mothers and growing children, elderly persons, expectant mothers, diabetic and cardiac patients.

  • These are used in several meat foods, such as banger, pork luncheon meat and sausage.
  • Steamed stuffed bun, mincemeat and dumpling.
  • Helpful in increasing their taste.
  • Mid Day Meal Programme.
  • Instant food products.
  • Used by food foundations.
  • Used by hospitality sectors.