NON GMO Defatted Soya Flour Toasted

NON GMO Defatted Soya Flour (Toasted) is obtained from Soya bean seeds by the process of cracking, dehulling, flaking, extracting, desolventizing, toasting and grinding in a pneumatic mill to requisite particle size to get a fine powder with creamish yellow color. It is natural product which doesn’t contain additives & preservatives. The coarser free particles are separated by air classification to get a free flowing pale yellow powder of high quality.

NON GMO Defatted Soya Flour (Toasted) Feed Grade is a high protein, low in fat product, maintains the balance of Essential amino acid in the body which is required for the development of muscle, connective tissue & enzymes and are the simplest form of soya protein. The protein content of this is approximately 50% much higher than the other grains. The soya flour contains high quality protein which is an excellent source of iron.

Nutritional soya flour is an excellent compliment to lysine limited cereal protein with other essential minerals, vitamins and this is indicated by its use in fortification of cereals to form composite flours, as a replacement for non fat milk, solids in bakery products all purpose food blends. By heating soybeans with varying degrees of heat the anti nutrients are inactivated achieving full release of nutrients. There is no evidence that soy protein or soya products possess any allergic property as present in other proteins.


  • In Poultry Farms.
  • In Cattle feeds.
  • It works as an emulsifier and shining agent for aqua feeds.